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Season Ticket Holders:Speak Out About the PSL This Season


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If anyone would like to express their opinions, provide Jets stories or ideas/options for the PSL, or give any message you would like the NY Jets management to hear, you will have your chance. Contact Dave Levy at DaveJetsFan@gmail.com as Dave will be conducting interviews at EVERY NY Jets home game starting with the Jets/Giants preseaons game to get season ticket holders to speak their mind. Dave will be going through the parking lot to get fan stories and opinions. This is your chance to be heard and seen! So contact Dave at DaveJetsFan@gmail.com.

I will be interviewing season ticket holders and posting all interviews on YouTube and other video sites. They will also be sent to NY Jets Management, ESPN, and other News outlets. This is your chance to have an open forum to let the NY Jets Management how you feel. Contact me if you tailgate at all home games and I will make sure your voice is heard. We need to stick together and show them the fans truly do have a voice.

Dave Levy

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