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Okay, 1st of all - This defense proved itself again, this is no fluke, these guys are FOR REAL. Im not sure if they're the best in the league or not, but I DONT CARE. If they're the 32nd defense in the league and are doing this to teams Im more than happy, LOL. Revis is great, the constant pressure on the QB is great, the run d is outstanding...Ive never seen a Jets defense play so well.

2nd of all - Mark "the sanchize" Sanchez. Couldnt ask for a better 2nd half from him. Only threw 5 times in the 1st half, but looked nervous as hell after that fumble... Give credit to schott for not forcing the action and turning one bad mistake into more. This is the 2nd week in a row Sanchez has stepped up big when all the pressure was on him (last week it was 3rd downs, this week it was 2nd half performance). I cant remember the last team a Pats D got picked apart like that, by a rookie QB no less, and with "no targets" on top of that!

3rd of all - WTF did Randy Moss just say?? All this opportunity to talk back all week, and he opens his mouth AFTER he gets butt-raped by the guy he's putting down? LMAO.

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When the Pats started the game no-huddle, spread offense, I said to myself, uh-oh, this might be the way to beat Ryan's defense. Get Jenkins tired, limit the blitzing opportunities ...

Nope. :cheers:

Ryan backs up his talk. It doesn't get any better.

I agree. That impressed me as well, especially considering the TOP advantage and Field Possession advantages the Pats had in the 1st half... To go into the tunnel down less than a TD (and w/out giving up a TD) is a real testament to the heart and grind of this defense. Great work again today by that whole unit.

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