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Jets Ranked 12th Best Franchise


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Jets Ranked 12th Best Franchise

According to Adam Schein, the NY Jets rank 12th in his 2nd annual NFL organizational rankings. Here's how he evaluated all 32 franchises:

We rank franchises 1 to 32 based upon: Owner, front office, head coach, coaching staff, QB and "intangibles," -- a combo of fan support, facilities, stadium and PR. Teams were scored 1 (lowest) to 10 (
Peyton Manning
) in each group.

Schein raves about the Jets front office and coaching staff. He also grades the Jets well for their new stadium and practice facilities. But the PSL situation brings them down. Here's how he scored it:

Schein's score (out of possible 60): 43.5

"Trader" Mike Tannenbaum has done an incredible job of bringing in talent, making the Jets ready for a Super Bowl run. Rex Ryan (pictured) has changed the culture around the Jets. And Rex's coaching staff is tremendous, highlighted by Mike Westhoff, Bill Callahan, Brian Schottenheimer and Mike Pettine. The Jets team facility is beautiful and new. And the club is moving into a new stadium. But over 10,000 PSLs remain, and that's a problem.

The fact is PSL's are a sore spot for any team trying to finance a new stadium. But overall the Jet's are one of the best organizations in the League.

Schein says it himself here.

While the Jets ranked 12th, the Patriots ranked 1st, the Phins ranked 15th and the Bills ranked 30th.

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saw this and was going to post it until I saw the cheaters were #1

I'd put indy ahead of them any day, they are a given to win 12 games a year and do it with class

and wtf does PR have to do with it ?

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