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Just what the doctor ordered

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Here are some defensive tackles who could be around on day 2 to take Ferguson's spot. We must all remember that Jason was a 7th rounder himself so his replacement can be found on the second day.

- Anthony Bryant - Alabama: 6'3" 330+


Anthony Bryant is a massive defensive tackle with a great deal of starting experience. He sat out the 2000 season as a redshirt and has been a solid contributor since the 2001 season. He has excellent size and long arms which help keep opposing blockers away from his body. He isn't a guy who spends much time in the spotlight. He does all the dirty work down in the trenches. Bryant is an excellent run defender who displays good technique and he will take on double-teams, freeing up other defensive linemen to make plays. He doesn't provide much in terms of pass rush. He only had 1 1/2 sacks in his four year career at Alabama. He isn't a great athlete and you won't catch him chasing many backs down from behind. He's strictly a one-dimensional player who will take up two gaps and stop anyone who attempts to run in that area. Conditioning and weight control could be two areas of concern when it comes to Bryant. He carries a lot of weight and tends to tire down in the second half of games. He would be best utilized on a team that rotates its defensive tackles, taking him out in obvious passing situations. He should be a 4th or 5th round pick going to a team that needs a two-gap defensive tackle on draft day.

- Shamar Abrams UAB 6'1" 320

Last season he had 84 tackles, including 10.5 for loss. Very good run stuffer with a decent motor.

- Donyell Booker 6'2" 310

" DT Donyell Booker is a solid run-stuffing presence on the interior of the defensive line with some upfield burst; Booker had 9 tackles for loss last fall, after posting 15 sacks as a JC All-American the previous season." ~ GBN

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