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Restricted Free Agent Tenders

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Assuming the new CBA is similiar to the old one, with respect to retricted free agents.....

Anyone know exactly how tendering a restricted free agent works? Theoretically could we place a 2nd round tender on Cromartie and Brad Smith? If that is the case, we could either collect the draft pick(s) or keep them on the cheap? I'd have to imagine there is at least one NFL team that would cough up a 2nd round pick to sign Cro.

I feel like that cant be right though; it sounds too good to be true.

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I doubt it will be. The 6-year thing was clearly an incentive to get the players back to the negotiating table a year early. But they probably didn't expect owners to request a 20% reduction in the cap, 2 more games, etc.

I can't believe the union would allow it so a 6-year veteran would still only be a RFA under a new CBA.

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