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Jets\Dolphins Post Game Quotes

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Going to try something new and prune these down for you a bit. I know how busy you all are. :) Here are some of the more interesting post game quotes:


Rex Ryan

On whether this win ‘quiets turmoil’ in the Jets locker room…

When you look at it, losing three games in this league is tough. Things like this happen in every locker room. The difference is I think we’re open. Maybe it’s noticed more from our end, but we’re moving past that thing. It’s unfortunate that it happened, but that’s the way it goes. We’re chasing a much bigger thing than that. Like I said, we’re moving forward.

On selection of G Brandon Moore and WR Santonio Holmes as tonight’s captains…

That was just coincidence (laughter). I talked to both of them. We had to get some things off our chests, but I can assure you that we’re together. That’s the important thing.

Mark Sanchez

On what he told his teammates after the early offensive struggles…

Just hang with it, stay into it, don’t worry, we’ll get on track, and we sure did. We did it right before halftime when we needed to. The defense got us the ball back and (we) started rolling.

On whether he was concerned after the early three-and-outs…

Not at all. Not at all.

On why he wasn’t concerned…

For what? We’re going to win. We’re good. We’re going to be fine.

Brandon Marshall

On the loss…

We just didn’t make enough plays. It’s as simple as that.

On the reason for struggling this season…

I mean there’s always a reason. Guys aren’t playing well.

On being matched up against Revis…

I guess they respect me over there. I wasn’t expecting that. I talked to Jason Taylor about their game plan a little bit from last year. I was expecting Cromartie and felt good seeing Revis on me. Games like this, you want that challenge and opportunity. We fought.

Jason Taylor

On if this loss is tough to swallow…

Every loss is tough to swallow.

On if losing to the Jets makes the loss more difficult…

It does not matter who the opponent is, they are all tough to swallow.

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