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This Giants team will beat the Colts in the superbowl...


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1. They can run the ball with the 2nd best RB in the game

2. They can pass the ball with an assortment of amazing weapons such as Plaxico Burress and Jeremy Shockey

3.You CAN'T run on them AT ALL

4.The best DE combo in NFL history in Osi U and Strahan..

Their only weakness is the secondary, but with great RUN D and Pass Rush it doesns't matter..

Im sorry, but this is the next dynasty...

Sorry Pats fans.. your Pat dynasty team couldn't hold these guys jock..

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There is no creature more optimistic and less knowledgeable than the NY Giant fan. 2-2 in their last four, and we have talk of a "dynasty". Today was their second win against a quality opponent. Their future is bright, I agree, but they will need tickets to get into the Super Bowl.

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