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The NY Jets QB Situation


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You would badly lose your bet.


The Time of possession stat is the biggest BS stat in the NFL.


A small sampling: In the Jets last 7 games this year they won the TOP battle 6 out of 7 times, including the 49-19 blow out to the Pats.


The only game they lost the TOP stat was to the chargers by 9 seconds

It's very easy to dominate the TOP statistic when you burn most of the playclock every offensive down.

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It's very easy to dominate the TOP statistic when you burn most of the playclock every offensive down.



The TOP stat is a sign of three things.


1)  Your employing a power running game.


2)  You are putting a lot of points on the board in the first half, have a good D, and want to run the clock out in the second half.


3) Your spending a lot of time standing around looking confused.


The Jets met 2 out of 3 

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Just because Rex knows how to defend against offense doesn't mean he knows offensive talent. He knows offensive schemes, not who makes a good QB prospect. In fact Rex pumps all of his players. Remember him saying the Ghost was going to be a great player. That's why you have to take anything he says about talent with a grain of salt. Also, anyone with half a brain knows that Sanchez needs to win his job against legit competition. That doesn't mean Rex thinks Sanchez is worthless as you put it. Also, I can't speak for others but I'm not wishing for the impossible. I'm simply stating that we should get what we can out of him while we're paying for him anyway. If he turns the corner even better, but why not give him the chance since the money is spent?


Glad to hear you know this. Can you give me the powerball numbers? Yes, it's not likely but never say never.


Cutting a player or similar move can also be done in 2014 to deal with the 5 mil that you are so up in arms about that you're proposing in 2013 with Pouha, except there will be a lot more cap room to operate with than in 2013.


Rex never said the Ghost was going to be a great player.  If you can find a quote of him saying so, I'd love to read it.  I've got plenty to criticize with Rex, but there's little need to make stuff up.


And predicting the Jets not winning a SB this year is a far easier task than predicting the powerball numbers.  


That $5M doesn't go away; if unused, it can be forwarded to 2015 with minimal effort.  If there was a player worthy of cutting in 2014 we would have cut him anyway. That would have cleared an additional $5M.  I wouldn't want to cut a $5M player in 2014 because we decided to keep Sanchez in 2013.

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As another poster said VT is a good example of someone turning it around after sucking real bad early in their career.


A few things on Sanchez: right now he is a bust at #5 but he wasn't a 'reach". Several of the so called gurus had him as a top 5 pick.


Sanchez in not useless. There's no doubt he would have several teams interested in signing him if he were outright cut. I'm not saying Sanchez is great, but he's not useless as you are saying.


The bolded is what I have the biggest issue with. First off you said 2013 is going to be a disaster anyway, what difference does it make if he's on the roster this year? It's not like the Jets are getting a top 10 QB they will be holding back. As far as the cap space for 2014, you can do the same type of thing you proposed for 2013. There's going to be a lot more cap space in 2014 and any capologist worth his salt will be able to manage it and prevent the cap hit from doing what they want to do. IMO you are comparing the 2014 cap as if it were the 2013 cap, which will not be close to the case.


As far as pissing away the season, how so? I fully expect Idz to draft at least one QB if not 2 and sign at least one veteren. I fully expect that Sanchez will have to win the job in an open competition. So if he wins a fair and square competition, how is it pissing away the season? If he doesn't win the starting job, then he's the backup and at least you're getting something for your money. If they keep him after 2013 he will again have the win the job.


Finally, Idz does not have any loyalty to Sanchez. If he's not performing, then Idz will get rid of him in 2014.


Sanchez is useless.  And if he turns it around like Gannon or Testaverde, I don't want to hang onto him for another 5 years to find out.  Because for every Gannon or Testaverde there are 100 others that were crappy that stayed crappy.  Not to mention Sanchez doesn't have Testaverde's arm or Gannon's brain, nor does Mr. Mopey have the heart of either of them.


Sanchez cannot win a real QB competition because he isn't talented enough.  If he wins a competition that means we didn't bring in a real QB to compete with him.

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I'm really on the fence with sanchez. I know he stinks but he's got to be one of the better backups around merely because of his experience starting so many games. Right? Right?? Someone please convince me since we are stuck with him for at least another season...

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