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Jurassic Park Adventure Game


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JP Adventure Game




1. This is not a traditional mafia game by any means, this is an experiment for such a small group. There will be puzzles to try to figure out for survival and to find Dennis Nedry. Your mafia swag just went out the window. Welcome to the Jungle.

2. There will be no NKs, your choices in the game decide your fate, someone will be trying to swing you to more danger.

3. You must work together as the group so there needs to be interaction. Someone amongst you is a liar and is sabotaging the facility and your chances to escape the island unscathed. This person will get options via pm to throw kinks into the scenario (one per phase).

4. Deadlines will be long, but there is a countdown clock until everyone on the island is eaten and Nedry escapes with the genetics.

5. Once a game phase ends everyone will get a short time to vote for who they think is Nedry. You must give detailed reasons with your vote, voting does not end a cycle unless you can unanimously determine who is Nedry and why.

6. Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm and John Hammond will all have a tool to assist them with surviving once. Depending on what options you choose will determine if this is item is used. Also know, there are certain situations that no one is safe.

7. There are very hungry dinosaurs running free.

8. There WILL BE NO CHARACTER CLAIMING. If you claim, you will get eaten. Don’t tempt your moddess.

9. Roles have been assigned randomly.

10. No quoting your PMs or mod communications.

11. There is no off-thread communication, all game play will happen in this thread, except for Nedry.  

12. Voting for scenario options - please be done in bold and like this VOTE: to do this option. A majority will win what option happens. Please discuss which option you think is best.

13. Voting at the end of a phase - bold the person’s name and give reasoning. A vote without reasoning will not be counted.

14. GFY

15. Please try to have fun. You may lynch me later if it was awful.




1. Darthe

2. Ishy

3. Lily

4. AVM

5. Nolder


Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm have all been invited by John Hammond to sign off on his new adventure park: Jurassic Park. Thinking you are just going to be touring an over-glorified Disney World with animatronic dinosaurs, you are shocked and awed when you realize John Hammond spent the money to create living and thriving dinosaurs and a sustainable prehistoric environment.  During the tour of the facility, you meet the staff and you notice a shady fellow working on the computer system. Not really taking much notice of him, you continue the tour with Hammond. You all wait in the lounge until the automated tour of the park will begin.


Welcome to Jurassic Park. Role PMs are going out shortly and once everyone has checked in, you will begin your tour of the park. Please feel free to mingle once you get your PM.

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Now that everyone has arrived, it's time to begin with the tour. 


Everyone heads to the cars, excited to see all the dinosaurs alive instead of just studying their bones. As the cars move deeper into the island, you pass through giant gates with Jurassic Park written above. During the tour, disappointment starts to set in. All the dinosaurs have been no shows. As you near the T-Rex paddock, a bolt of lightning strikes, thunder rumbles and rain starts to fall. A tropical storm has moved in and is threatening to cut the tour short. Suddenly, the power goes out in the cars and you are stranded. Thankfully, the fences separating you from the dinosaurs are still working. As you take a sigh of relief, another bolt of lightning strikes, a keystroke is entered into a computer and the warning lights on the fences go off. Power is off. Uncertain what to do, you all discuss your options. You can either stay with the cars and take your chances, or head to the trees hoping to hide. What will you do? 


You have until 1 pm EST Tuesday to discuss and come to a decision. Remember, majority will be the deciding factor so discuss before just voting. 

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Searching through the cars to see if anything can help you, you find some night vision goggles. Putting them on you survey the area and find a copse of trees that looks like they should shelter you nicely. You discuss your options and you decide staying in the cars will make you an all you can eat buffet for whatever dinosaur wanders by. Starting out for the trees, you hear the roar of a T-Rex in the distance. Adrenaline kicking in, everyone runs for the trees and climbs as high as they can. Once settled in the trees, Alan Grant uses the night vision goggles and watches the T-Rex destroy the cars. Starting to relax thinking you made the right choice, the lightning strikes nearby. You are now thinking trees may not have been the best choice after all. As you are descending, lightning hits the tree and John Hammond is thrown to the ground. Alan rushes down to try to save him, but is too late. You hide in a drain pipe, angry and confused while you try to figure out who sabotaged the park. 


Ishy, John Hammond, has been struck by lightning and is dead. 


You have 24 hours to discuss and try to figure out who is Nedry. 

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Awww Hammond is my favorite character from JP.

Oh well.


Ok so who would kill Ishy first?

I don't think Lily would have unless she was trying to be extra sneaky and throw us off. Granted that's all WIFOM.

That leaves either AVM or Darthe (for me anyway).

I know it's not much to go on but I didn't like how Darthe agreed the Trees were best after the rest of us had pretty much all decided, asked whether votes were locked, and then didn't vote when Leelou confirmed they weren't. It made me think he didn't actually want to go to the Trees and was hoping we would somehow change our own minds. It was a very strange thing to do IMO.


What do you guys think though?

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Well first and foremost I find your appreciation of Hammond severe and unfounded in comparison to Muldoon, Malcolm, or the Lawyer.

Secondly I think it interesting that you're attempting to meta out of sussing you and that you are pushing AVM/I. Seems like an odd choice.

What makes you think Lily wouldn't go Ishy?

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