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any updates??


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Chad is like 10th on the "Jets Worry List"

1) HC

2) Draft

3) GM

4) HC

5) GM

6) Stadium

7) Paper or Plastic

8) Owner

9) RB

10) QB


Shouldnt some of that be a little bit higher....Lets say ummm QB?? I say...

1) Paper or plastic

2) getting alcohol put back in ur home games

3) draft

4) QB

5) RB

6) HC

7) GM

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we are all pretty much in agreement around Jetsville-we all loved Pennington and hope he can come back-but are ALL very skepical and to be honest not expecting much-it's time to move on and get a Volek type in here who,BTW is the same age as Pennington.You guys saw him he ain't bad

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the thing is right now this is a team in limbo-we have no idea what the hell is happening or WILL happen-even roster moves or who we're gonna draft nothing is set now.Herm brought in his crew and pretty much destroyed everything that Parcells had built-especially the offensive line which as you might remember was the envy of guys like The Mad Dog just a few years ago.

I see a lot of parallels between what happened to you guys last year and what's about to happen here...there is a ticking time bomb about to blow up on the Bradway/Edwards regime AND personell

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