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Aaron Rodgers and the Packers


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4 hours ago, sackdance said:

When the wind is behind his back he stares down opposing coaches.  

Remember at halftime at the Rose Bowl last year, the biggest game of his life, when he had a nice lead going into the half? That's when he gestured a throat slit to Urban Meyer on the OSU sideline. 

In the second half, Mayfield threw for 50 yds and 2 picks and the Sooners lost. That is Baker Mayfield, he's a lot more like Cam Newton than Drew Brees. 

Cam newton was ROY

3 hours ago, jetsons said:

That's why he's no longer their HC.

Sounds like Haley also vindicated. If I was OC under Hue I’d also be furious “you’re killing me bro not letting me play my best guys.”

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On 12/24/2018 at 9:15 AM, Philc1 said:

The packers haven’t had a lot of talent defensively during Rodgers tenure

there was a big article going round maybe last season about the teams with the most drafted players as opposed to free agents.  i believe the packers were ranked no. 1.  obviously going through the draft isn't the only way to make a team good.  there has to be a mixture and that's why i think mac's plan is both right and wrong.  once teams start to get good the quality of the drafted players diminishes.  we'll see what happens in this next draft no matter who is doing the drafting.

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