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Its the Quarterback, stupid

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Joe Douglas is going to pick Andrew Thomas from Georgia and set us up for life on the tackle spot.


we will never have to worry about our GM picking the Nathan Shepherds of the world again.

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2 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

we will never have to worry about our GM picking the Nathan Shepherds of the world again.

You play with forces that you cannot begin to understand..

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2 hours ago, Jet_Engine1 said:


That's why we are where we are right now. Getting the QB is supposed to be the hard part, and once you get him, everything is about putting him in a situation to be successful. 

This is a lesson that is on Page 1, Paragraph 1 of NFL GM'ing for Dummies...

This is the lesson MacCagnan failed to learn. 



Even before he stumbled into Darnold, he drafted Petty and then Hackenberg. Regardless of the outcomes with them, he obviously and correctly determined that QB was a NEED (35 year old Fitz and 47 year old McCown were NOT answers...lol), but he failed to draft talent to put around them...


Even when he knew that those guys weren't the answer, why neglect the talent level on Offense KNOWING you would bring in another high pick QB in the very near future? Instead, he failed to even lay the foundation for a functional offense....and now we know the idea of Bowles pulling strings was a total myth...So, what was Macs thought process going DT, ILB, Safety, QB, DT in the first rounds? BPA so Mel Kiper would approve? Going DT AGAIN with the next pick after Darnold? Nate Sheppherd? Instead of one of the several O linemen available? But he felt the need to draft a 26 year old, Div. 3 DT?? WTF.

Why was there only ONE second day O Lineman drafted in that span??? And yes, he may have used a few mid round (thrown away) picks on WR, but his talent evaluation at the position was dreadful. 

Meanwhile, they bring in a new Head Coach, a guy specifically brought in to help the QB find success, and he is IGNORED in the draft process? He isn't even consulted as to the types of players he wants for HIS OFFENSE?? Are you ******* kidding me? LOL. 


And apparently the Coach advised the team to NOT commit a huge amount of cap space to a  27 year old, recent malcontent RB, but they ignored him and did it anyway.... and then failed to address the position of C or bring in a legit prospect that could be an upgrade at OT. Don't feed me the kid from USC, apparently ges a mental parient... 


So anybody weeping for Mac, or the "timing" of his much deserved sh*tcanning, wake up and smell the coffee. The guy was acting afainst the teams best interests with his garbage roster building. He had ZERO concept as to who to draft or why to draft them. The Steelers have been drafting the same "types" of LBs for 30 years, big 260lb bruisers on the outside, quicker guys in the middle.... in a period of 3 years, Mac drafted a tiny, fast ILB (Lee) and then replaced him with a big bruiser smashmouth type (Mosley)...wtf? Does he understand the WHY he drafts players, or does he just haphazardly pick guys? 

He failed us for the last time. Just getting him away from the team is a positive. And yes, I do think Gase would do a better job of talent acquisition, and it is apparent that it is absolutely vital for the GM and HC to he on the same page as far as what types of players are needed for the schemes to be implemented. Not taking detailed and specific input from the Coaching Staff is in and of itself a fireable offense. 


Next draft, when deciding what player at what position should be taken, remember the old adage, "Its the Quarterback, stupid...."


Good riddance, Mac. Best thing this team has done in a while. 

Couple of solid observations.

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