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Godzilla: Monster Island Mafia (Game End)

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On 7/10/2019 at 1:31 PM, Spoot-Face said:

I didn't realize he was MIA for that long, or else l I would've reached out to him earlier. I was hoping he'd be back, though.

I definitely made Scum OP this game, not so much with their numbers, I think, but I gave them a lot of power. And Town had some bad luck with Godzilla getting NK'd right off the bat, and then you guys hilariously lynching LizzieDoc. But, lynching the SK the first day was immense good luck, for both Town and Scum.

At the end of the day, though, Town's most powerful weapon is good ol' fashioned Scum hunting, which is something I, unfortunately, can't provide for you guys. :P

Anyway, thanks so much for playing, Gata. I was pleased with your level of participation.

Kudos for running a game these things are very hard to balance. My suggestion would be that town had some informational strength (unreliable cop because of godfather) mason team to gain info, and a doc, but not enough killing ability to do anything about it if they ever found a guilty, especially when mafia had bpvs as well. I think the problems are magnified with a smaller setup since the killer, who had a choice to be third party, is way more likely to kill town, hastening their end. 

I think maybe making a townie bomb instead, less vests for mafia, and maybe another semireliable informational role (tracker or watcher) instead of masons could have worked.

liked the theme and attention to the character flavor. Keep running games, it shows you put effort into this one. Good job. 

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