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I'm Cool You're Not

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Nice welcome. Thanks.

BTW: I'm 36, gainfully employed with wife and kids. Not that it's any of your biz.

welcome, u have passed the test.

a interrogation team will be over at your house shortly.

btw, its just a runnin joke here about how the other board had gottten inundated with youngters,,,

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Welcome to the site.

It is free right now, but we are going to start charging $55 as soon as Max completes construction on the Beer & Pretzel forum.

Wait, are you sure this is true. You may be receiving a notice that Legal action could be forthcoming.

for possible libelous material that cant be proven true. We have a sprocket online who likes to find these things.


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I de-coded a few posts at another Jets board and found this place. What's the beef?

Some people over there seem to really hate you guys.

Someone want to fill me in?

And Sooth and Limo are crucified

A day they wished that we had died

We are an addition

We are ruled by none




And you thought that we were faking

While you were both just money making

You do not feel that we're for real?

Or you would lose your cheap appeal

Don't judge a book just by the cover

Unless you cover just another

And blind acceptance is a sign

Of stupid fools who stand in line

F**k JI!

F**k JI!

F**k JI!

An elitist edition

With an elitist supply

That was the only reason

We all had to say goodbye

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