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Do you want to see Jets' new coaches bring the favors in?


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I.E. Mangini may bring WR Givins and OT Ashworth in and Schottenheimer may bring QB Rivers and OG Hallen in...

I, personally, dont want to bring in any favorable players... I like to see Jets turn around with its own scratch..

How about you?

As I've stated several times, I like the potential of Mangini, but I know very little of him. I am not sure what to think.

Hemr brought in "his people", guys like Damien Robinson and Steve White, and they were terrible.

I do give him credit, though, for Donnie Abraham. He had several good seasons here and was a good stop gap for Glenn.

I like Givens and Ashworth. I would like if either were brought in.

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Parcells always brought in what he called "hold the fort" players.

These were players that he was familiar with, bought into his system. served as an example to other players what was expected and menat to bind teh team together, till more stalwart replacements are found

I had Megett in mind....

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