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Takeaways from Jets-Steelers 24-20 win


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I got 3 heart attacks on this game and still don't know what to think of it. I'm happy they won and Zach looked great on that last possession, but the whole team looked awful the whole rest of the game. I can't believe they won. Here's my takeaways:

~The Jets are a 4th Quarter team. This is the 2nd time they've pulled a win out of their sleeve in the last 2 minutes from behind this season. If the Jets can stay in the game by the 4th quarter, look for them to shine. Jets are also not a 3rd quarter team. 

~Speaking of the final minutes, Zach Wilson does better in a 2 minute offense. A few people have already mentioned that ZW keeps his rhythm when there's no huddle, and they were right. His only real mistake in a no-huddle offense is that INT that even the announcers said was more of a good job by Sutton rather than a bad job by Zach. 

~The Jets coaches sucked again today. I was able to call most of the 1st down plays that LaFleur called because most of them were runs. Too predictable. Add on the terrible discipline that they Jets had at about the worst times possible, between the 

~The offense is based almost totally off of the OL. Zach clearly showed that he plays terribly when not given enough time, and the rushing attack that should be amazing goes nowhere because the DL gets to the backfield before the ball is even handed off. Hopefully soon the OL will be to full strength (At least for the starters) and we can see how Carter, Hall and Zach do.

~Turnovers! I guess Reed's communication thing might have been true, as there seemed to be less 'wrong place' blunders and the defense generated 4 turnovers. I don't even remember the last time the Jets generated more than 2 INTs in a single game. Kenny Pickett's last name lives up to his play, as all 3 of his incompletions were picks.

Overall, I'm about 50-50 on this game. It was very exciting but one of the most frustrating games to watch even despite the Jets being frustrating most of the time. I didn't really talk about Zach's stat line this game because I don't know what to make of it. I saw 2 QBs out there today, the 1st and 4th quarter Zach and the 2nd and 3rd quarter Zach.

Edit: I forgot to mention that blown lead. Absolutely awful. I still can't believe the Jets came back from that. I guess that's more of which Zach we're seeing. Hopefully 1st and 4th quarter Zach starts to appear in all the other quarters too more.

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