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The Incredible 2021 NFL Draft...

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12 hours ago, chirorob said:

Should have taken the massive deal with the 49ers, and used one of the 3 picks to take Jones.


I don't think people realize how risky of a move this is for a GM.  Trading away from the consensus pick to take a guy rated much lower.  It's not like the potential reward with a guy like Jones was that high anyway, but trading away from Zach only to watch him become a franchise QB somewhere else would have been the mark of death for a GM.  That type of sh*t just doesn't happen.  It would have been one thing had they kept Darnold and traded down to take a guy like Parsons or something, but if QB was a need they were never going to drop.  MAYBE for Fields, but definitely not a guy like Jones.  That was just never a realistic option back then.


Personally I wanted to keep Sam and take Chase at #2.  Once Sam was gone though I was all-in on the Zach pick.  The hype was real.  sh*t happens though.  QBs are always a roll of the dice, unless you somehow luck into a 1st overall in a can't-miss year(which we were one loss away from doing.....******* hell).

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