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Last Call - '23 RB class


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While RB is nowhere near a "need" going into the draft, Breece tore his ACL mid-way through the season (will not be 100% week 1), and Michael Carter disappointed in his sophomore campaign. 

I don't forecast us spending a day 1 or 2 pick on RB (obviously)... probably not a day 3 either. HOWEVER  with a flush FA market still, I don't see more than 4, maybe 5 tops going before day 3/Round 4... so might find a real diamond unexpectedly available. 

Here's my Day rankings... 

DAY 1 

(obvious and not needed)


1. Zach Charbonnet (UCLA) - a great all purpose back and a natural at the position. Lacks top end physical tools. Makes for s high floor low ceiling. Comp. Ryan Mathews



2. Sean Tucker (Syracuse)  - An elite playmaker, with Foster-like Slash & Dash ability. Size keeps him out of "top name" conversations, but trust the film.  Comp Austin Ekler


3. Devon Achane (TAMU) - wildly nimble in the open field - can cut and explode in an instant. Undeveloped as a 3rd down back, and gets tackled by bigger players . Comp DeAngelo Williams





1. Isreal Abanikanda (Pitt) - Deceptively fast, and slippery. Runs with vision and power, but needs momentum and struggles when not moving north/south. Comp Latavius Murray



2. Tyjae Spears (Tulane) - Shifty, good hands, gives every play 100%. Profiles more like a 3rd down back in the NFL, won't be as effective between the tackles. Comp James White



3. DeWayne McBride (UAB) -  North/South thumper with better than average contact balance and change of direction. Has a nose for finding creases. Comp David Montgomery



4. Tiyon Evans (UL) - ideally would act as your #3/Closer in the 4th quarter. Big, explosive, light feet. Gets tripped up a little too easy. Comp Chris Ivory


5. Kendre Miller (TCU) - benefited from canyon sized holes to run through, but is hard to bring down when he gets going. Limited skillset, decent receiver. Comp Kenneth Gainwell


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6 hours ago, Paradis said:

alright i get the point, JN is over Paradis RB threads... i'll stop. 


Draft forum is just slow these days.  Not the usual draft buzz that we've had here over recent years. 


1 i think its the positions that we'll be selecting.  No one gets all hot and bothered about talking OL in rd 1.   

2 RB is such a fringe need for us now with Breece that I think people like to talk about it but its a day 3 answer which gets really in the weeds for a lot of guys.  


Wait till next year where were in the QB WR market agian and people are all charged up.

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I wouldn't mind drafting another RB this year if the value was there. Charbonnet was someone who stood out to me last year and I think would compliment Breece quite well in general. If our window is now -which by obligation of pending moves sort of makes it have to be - RB is a position of significant impact that maximizes our chances this year. For instance, if Bijan were to drop to 13 I think he definitely has to be strong consideration for the pick personally. 

Otherwise, the top 4 backs you have listed in consideration for us I also quite enjoy watching as well. Sean Tucker especially for me has a lot of value potential. He was a beast in college and I think the size stuff underrates him quite a bit. Speed plays well in today's NFL.

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