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Torre all set to enter the pantheon

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All set to enter the pantheon of Yankee managers, the Mount Rushmore if you will, as this year he will surpass Miller Huggins for wins by a Yankee manager, leaving only Stengel and McCarthy ahead of him, and if he manages one more year following this one he will surpass Casey Stengel as well

Joe Torre entered this season forth all time with 982 Wins

#1. Joe McCarthy with 1460

#2. Casey Stengel with 1149

#3. Miller Huggins with 1067


#4. Joe Torre with 983 {following last nites win}

As any true Yankee fan can tell you, regardless of age, that is the Mount Rushmore of Yankee managers ... there have been other good ones to be sure, Ralph Houk, Billy Martin, Bob Lemon, etc ... but McCarthy, Stengel and Huggins have always been the standard bearers, the founding fathers, and the three heads that stand carved on the Mount Rushmore of Yankeedom

And now, as is the case with the real Mount Rushmore, a forth head will soon be chisled in stone as Joseph Paul Torre takes his rightful place amongst the founding fathers and true Yankee immortals

Torre recently passed Ralph Houk .. Next up, Miller Huggins .. and that happens in 2006

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Shouldn't it be:

#4. Joe Torre*** with 983 {following last nites win}

*** - was like a hundred games under .500 until getting an embrassment of riches from the Yankees.

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