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Anyone into boxing?


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I decided to start boxing training a little bit over a month ago and I am in my 50s.  I am currently at 10 rounds, 3 minutes + each high-intensity heavy bag training   I do seven rounds of the quick rope as well (the first time took me a few days to recover). I am pretty light on my feet and it helps with my lateral movements. In addition, I am doing HIT with dumbbells for all muscle groups.  

I currently have an 80 year old coach, and I haven't seen anyone with such straight posture, amazing. I asked the coach if there was anyone that I could spar with, but at the moment most are younger athletes, I would simply hurt some of these kids.  I am basically the oldest person training, and because I am in outstanding shape and my peers are mostly disabled, makes it hard for me to find a regular sparring partner. I am the oldest fuk there! Hopefully I get a chance to spar one day, and if I get knocked down or out, I will post the picture here! LMAO 

I am learning this new skill as a therapy and I feel like I am getting stronger with the weights due to the intense heavy bag training, I also recommend for you guys to continue learning something new--regardless of age--and incorporate them in your regime, for a diverse and healthier lifestyle. Hey, why not boxing? 

Anyone of you guys have been involved in boxing? Any tips or suggestions are always appreciated.  


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Boxing is one of the all time great workouts.  Cardio, strength, whole body.

The only thing I have ever seen with patients is they over develop the chest, and don't do enough back, so they can hunch forward a bit, just make sure you are getting some balance.


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