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NC State LB Payton Wilson


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Been a big fan for a few years and he might be playing his best football right now.  Effort/speed make him a guy you want on your roster.  Sideline to sideline backer who's  going to make plays at the LOS and catch dudes 20+ yards down the field to prevent big scoring plays.



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On 10/17/2023 at 9:17 PM, Beerfish said:

Quincy Williams has take a large step but we could use a young mobile guy to replace mosley if you ask me.

Agreed.  Considering the money we're going to have to dish out next offseason to guys like Becton and Huff, we'll probably have to rely on kids at a few areas.  We only have one 1st rounder and then don't pick again until the 3rd.  Still have to address WR2 or 3, DT2, Mosley replacement at LB, Whitehead replacement(unless you bring him back, then have even less cap), potentially RT depending on how Mitchell looks the rest of the way.


You can find solid LBs at any point in the draft.  Look at the Vikings and Ivan Pace.  We've got a couple of 4ths, so maybe we'll take a swing there.  No matter what though, our 1st has to fill one of those spots mentioned above.  

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