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So, very into coffee these days. Wife and I have had the SF Bay Fog Chaser as our regular for a long time, but recently decided to chop it up a bit. Trying some new roasts, since December:

- SF Bay French Roast: exactly what you’d expect of a decent/good FR, nothing magical, but nothing wrong

- SF Bay Breakfast: blah, no personality 

- Starbucks Winter Blend: fantastic, got it at Costco and haven’t seen it again, dark roast, but so many flavors

- Mayorga Organic Columbian: another we found at Costco, not for us, just kinda blah

- Lavazza Classico (red): awful, worse than diner coffee

- Good & Gather (a few roasts): all awful, 1 cup made me anxious

- Stumptown Holler Mountain: alright, a bit too light of a roast, quality is there

- Purity (not sure what roast): similar to Stumptown, but tasted awful, way overpriced

What are you guys brewing? Got any recommendations?

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6 minutes ago, SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN said:

Cold brew is the way to go

May be an image of drink and text

I make my own. Same beans, different grind. I buy whole beans to have options.

I agree, it’s my preference. Nitro is like silk. 

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Penstock in NJ is my go-to, they are fantastic but just a FYI they never run sales which is annoying.  

Local roasters in the SD area are honestly the way to go. You can't go wrong with James Coffee Co, Mostra, and Bird Rock.

The reason Costco beans and a lot of stuff on your supermarket shelves taste like a cup of ass is because the beans are hardly fresh. The reason your local roasters always seem to taste better is because you are usually buying beans that were roasted within the last couple days, if not the day you bought them, and that makes all the difference. 

Also lighter vs darker roasts do matter for flavor but washed vs natural process matters more IMO.

The thing I've learned over the years is that if you're truly buying the right beans and brewing correctly there should be absolutely zero things you need to add to the cup after you pour it.

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