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Wrapping Up The Weekend with Bent @ Jetsblog


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Wrapping up the Weekend

by Bent at 07:40AM (EDT) on August 7, 2006 | Permanent Link

A few quick notes from Sunday:

The Jets held a simulated game at the Meadowlands on Sunday (complete with National Anthems, coin flips, the works). This time it was closed to the public, but they weren't shy about putting details on their official site.

Rich Cimini had some notes on the game too, noting that Chad Pennington was the best player on the field and that (in his expert medical opinion), Drew Coleman suffered a serious looking knee injury.

On the subject of rookies and injuries, Jason Pociask was placed on IR which means he won't feature this season. Expect more from Prince at some stage on these matters. For now, Askew, Moa, Hartigan and Tutt seem to be battling it out for the two FB spots.

The Jets waived DB Jovon Johnson over the weekend and signed DB Bruce Thornton, who played 12 games for the 49ers last year. Our 49ers scouting department (frequent commenter, Sam) advises that Thornton (a former fourth round pick) is a decent cover corner but a bit inconsistent with positioning etc. (Sounds a bit like David Barrett). He held Marvin Harrison to 2-19 one-on-one and has had some other good games against decent wideouts. Thornton may be a long shot to make the Jets roster, but if Coleman is badly hurt, perhaps he has a chance (and helped his case with a pick in last night's "game").

Meanwhile, the Niners signed old "friend" Lance Legree, which led to an immediate 0% rise in ticket sales. Good luck to Lance in his new home.

Finally, I promised to quote my sources for the "ultimate camp report", which Bassett posted on Friday. The information was compiled from reports and comments in the NY media, on the Jets official website and online fansites, messageboards and blogs. Specifically information was taken from the forums on theganggreen.com, scout.com, jetnation.com and jetsinsider.com and I literally included everything I could find, so that the report was not influenced by any bias or pre-conceived notions I might have. Thanks to anyone who has posted a report since camp opened.

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