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AFC | 2006 Run/Pass Ratio


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AFC Team Outlooks: 2006 Regular Season NFL Run/Pass Ratio Significance

Posted by Russell Loede under Main

New York Jets EVEN (491 run plays to 488 pass plays)

2006: The New York Jets offense was just as predictable as a New York Knicks debacle in the Garden. It was sure when they were running and passing the ball, though they managed to be the NFL’s most balanced team numbers-wise, running and the throwing the ball to a playoff game. Chad Pennington had a healthy season completing passes at the 64% mark.

2007: New York will run the ball more obviously, as they traded for RB Thomas Jones, to go along with Leon Washington. I do not see the Jets changing much in the conservative approach. They will need to spice it up a bit in order to go father in the playoffs this year.

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Cannot see the link for Sperm's beloved KC Cheifs, which must be hilarious.

Run 513x (#4 in NFL)

Pass 450x (#27 in NFL)

Jax was the only one more lopsided, but then they kept fresh legs in the game when doing it & had >2500 rushing yards. Plus if you're getting 5 ypc on the ground & you're passing as often as you're running (particularly with no QB & no receivers) then you're just dumb.

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