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Anyone remember Larry Keller..... LB Late 70's #56

Ryno the Jet

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Guess not? Anyway, I have a date with his daughter tonight, and she claims she can get tickets to any game she wants. I doubt it. He only played for three yrs and then was injured, never played again. Met her at a bar here in College Station last night, and she's not too shabby. We'll see how it goes. How did I meet her you ask? Well, as always I was representin' the mighty, mighty Jets with a shirt and hat. Nothing remarkable for most of you, but in Texas I stick out like a pair of gym shorts at a strip club. In fact, at the bar I always attend I have I have to yell out J!E!T!S! Jets! Jets! Jets! before they let me in. They get a good laugh at me, but I'm proud to do it. I'll let yall know how it goes.

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