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Van Halen last night


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I was at the Van Halen concert last night, went with my father and 13 year old brother. The kid was stoked, he is a budding young musician playing bass and going to the School of Rock in NYC so it was cool to take him to this.

Anyway, Eddie is still the man, no ifs ands or buts about it. What just blows your mind is that a guy can take an instrument that in one form or another has been around for centuries and find a way to play it in such a unique way and make sounds come out of it that are just incredible. His kid is the bass player, and as much as i wanted to hate because i thought it was bush league to cut out the original guy to stick your son in, I have to say the kid worked his ass off. YOu can see being on stage and performing for those crowds is just second nature and effortless to Eddie, Alex and Dave, but the kid had to really work hard, and he did, he just totally knew every part.

Also, I sat to what i would say is the hotttest 40 year old woman i have ever seen. After sitting next to this one, I can TOTALLY get the whole milf thing, just off the hook.

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