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The '09 Season...The perfect chance to start fresh


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Now that '08 is essentially in the books for the New York Jets, the only thing we are capable of doing (until that long awaited and much needed time machine is finally invented) is move/look forward. We have a QB who is likely to hang it up for good this offseason, a solid OL, a solid, young, LB crew, a solid secondary, and a solid DL.

This year, due to our roster, was sort of a 'band-aid' year. We all knew even after we traded for Favre that eventually we would need to find our future QB. We also knew/know that time and time again, "buying championships" has never seemed to work in sports, especially football. Teams need time to gel, to 'figure each other out', and to develop a chemistry before they perform to potential game in and game out. We saw in weeks 6-11 what our potential was this season. A year from now, regardless of who is chosen to be our next QB/QB of the future, it will be somebody, and there won't be much controversy. Our brand new defense will have had a full year to gel and develop that chemistry needed to be great on a consistent basis, as will our Offensive Line. Sure, we could use a true #1 WR, and that and finding a new QB are our two most glaring needs going into this offseason.

The point is, this year was really the first year in which the Jets have completely separated themselves from the Parcells/Edwards Jets. Next year is a chance to develop a new attitude for this new era. With a future QB identified, and a team that continues to develop chemistry, the '09 season is a chance to wipe the slate completely clean.

Now, and this is very important IMO. BECAUSE OF THE NEW DIRECTION THIS TEAM WILL BE HEADING IN, IT IS VITAL THAT OWNERSHIP FINDS A COACHING STAFF THEY ARE COMFORTABLE GIVING TIME, MONEY, AND EVEN A LITTLE LENIENCY TO. If its Mangini, fine, extend him another four years. If its not, great, don't let it linger, fire him now and find someone else that you believe can help this team mold and grow to play to its potential over the next few years. THE LAST THING WE NEED, IMO, IS TO HAVE THIS NEW TEAM RUINED DUE TO A COACHING CHANGE AT THE WRONG TIME.

What the Jets do this offseason with their coaches and personell may tell a lot about what we as fans can expect to see from this franchise moving forward.

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Sam Bradford - Make it happen whether it's 2009 or 2010!

Just get someone in here that the CS and management is ready to hand the reigns over too. Look at every single good QB in the league. None of them just stepped in and became SB MVP's over night. Well, other than Tom Brady at least. Get someone you are confident in and commit to them for the future.

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