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Plax Latest incident is no accident!


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He is one of those rare people that will not and cannot learn.

Some individuals do not respond to modern day medicine and treatments. Psychology may provide an insight into them, but certainly no answers.....I think that the NFL needs to make a stand with such players and keep a closer eye on the young future stars. Plaxico's lack of caring for the rules is not an isolated case. I feel as if there is a trend developing with so many NFL players even more so than any other sport.


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What is really sad is that once his gun thing is up and he has served his suspension, he will end up on an NFL team.

Another slap on the wrist won't do with this idiot.

and some of you guys want him on our team. I'm all for getting a superbowl trophy but not at this cost. I'm so glad we drafted chad instead of him. Yes, even with chad's noodle arm. lol.
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