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DD.com's new writer Jerry--(for Alk, ect)


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Figuring this is a cozy board, among friends, I thought I'd post a profile done by a new DD.com writer (Jerry Langton), who I've told about this site...Looking for feedback from all, but particularly from Alk (Ruud fan), Hammer, RSherry and TS, on this profile.

Is this cat Jerry good or what? :shock::lol:

He makes us all look like clowns--he does this so easiliy. Actually watches tape....A piece he did yesterday is already up at DD.com.

I think he's pro writer for a paper (used to be NYC, then moved back to Canada).

By the way, Bitonti, I might add some thing else Jerry did before we post it at the site.


Jerry Langton

ILB Barrett Ruud



HT: 6'2 1/2

WT: 247

40: 4.69

POSITIVES: Big, fast, tough, strong, smart and instinctive, Ruud had the kind of productive college career linebackers dream about. With 86 tackles, 3 sacks and 18 stuffs as a senior, he capped a stunning tenure at Nebraska which saw him play extensively as a freshman and start in the middle the next three seasons. More than just another filler-and-chaser, Ruud has what appears to be a coach's understanding of the game and takes efficient angles while sealing off cutback lanes. Although he often uses his speed to run around blocks, he's adept at taking on and shedding blocks, Ruud uses his hands well to get rid of interference. Although not particularly long-legged, he has a nice initial burst and flows through his tackles to make complete stops. Ruud understands the nuances of zone coverage and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time - he's not the kind of guy receivers want to be around. Some observes think his blitzing and pursuit abilities would be better used on the outside. He'll play through pain and sacrifice his own health and stats for the betterment of the team. A fiery, intense guy, he amps up a team without running his mouth. Ruud plays just as hard on every snap no matter what the score or situation.

NEGATIVES: Ruud's minuses are hard to find. People say he's not athletic, but he raised a lot of eyebrows when he caught Purdue WR Taylor Stubblefield in full stride from behind at Senior Bowl practice and convinced even more critics when he finished in the top two or three in every category at the combine. He's not the most natural guy you'll ever see in coverage, and usually used instincts and positioning to compensate in college. Critics also say he doesn't provide highlight-reel hits, but the biggest knock against him may be the spotty record of Nebraska products in the NFL.

SUMMARY: Growing up in Lincoln with a dad (1975 first-rounder Tom Ruud) and two uncles who played linebacker at Nebraska, there's not much about the position he'll have to learn. He'll make an immediate impact in the NFL, perhaps gaining a starters' role very quickly. Although he may never get profiled on ESPN, he will improve some team's defense and competitive spirit.

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Wow, looks like you definately got a good writer on your hands there. I totally agree with his article on Ruud too. My god I hope he's in a Patriots uniform next season. By that description, he's the perfect Belichick player.

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I agree, Rigs. He looks VERY talented. I like how he didn't just recycle sh*t for the "positives." Alot of sites, for this type of profile, quote stats like "he had 141 tackles as a junior" as if that tells us anything about what kind of player he is. He looks like the kind of guy who writes reports meant to be read by people who know football, and not just the kind of guys who, around April 20th, all of a sudden become a "'Street and Smith's Draft Guide' draft expert," so to speak. I love that part of his discussion. It really gives the reader an idea of not only what Ruud did, like most reports, but tells us what he does that makes him different than everybody else, and also what he'll be able to do.

If there's any criticism I'd have of his report, it's that he comes off as too much of a 'fan' when discussing Ruud's deficiencies. I don't think he should nit-pick, but if we read the review without knowing what player he was talking about, we'd think he was discussing a top-3 pick. The reader need to know why Ruud won't go that high, IMO. That said, I give him credit for not just sticking in the old 'stiff in the hips, not great in the back-pedal, yadda yadda yadda' crap.

All in all, a great pick-up for you guys, and yet another reason why I only go to DraftDaddy for my info.

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