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My New 4 Round Jets Mock


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Rnd 1: Jerry Hughes OLB/TCU. Heres our speed rusher we need.

Rnd 2: Alex Carrington DE/ASU. Heres our 5 technique at 6-5 285.

Rnd 4: Reshad Jones S/GA. Heres our beast of a safety at 6-2 214.

Rnd 5: Jared Veldheer OL/HU. Great athlete for depth at G/OT at 6-8 315.

Forgive me if i messed up on the rounds. This is the type of draft i think we should have with our first 4 selections. Tell me if you approve,disagree,or like these picks. Thanks guys. :)

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Probably a better chance with Jones in the 2nd and Carrington in the 4th but good job TN. But why not do the full 7 rounds? It's sorta more interesting.

thanks i couldnt remember if we had a 6th and 7th lol.

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