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Should the Sox...


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run a 6 man rotation?

Once Matsuzaka comes back from his injury, do they push Wakefield to the bullpen? Is that a waste of a knuckleballer? Their pitching staff does have some guys with durability issues, and a 6 man rotation actually might be a smart idea for a regular season.

How valid is a 6 man rotation btw? I think with organizations emphasizing hitters being more selective it can actually work since pitchers work so much harder nowadays than at any other point in the history of the game.

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I think either way they go would be surfice, but the sux need to worry about there offense too.

They need a big bat and they have several ways to go about it.

They can get an outfielder, or move Yuke to left and get a first basemen.

They also should move their catcher to DH, dump fat sloppy and sign someone who can actually play the catcher position.

Next year they should dump their third basemen, put Yuke there and sign a first basemen and an out fielder.

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