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HBO Causing Quite a Ruckus over Revis, and it's Only June


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HBO show causing quite a ruckus over New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and it's only June

Bob Raissman

Saturday, June 12th 2010, 7:58 PM

Sabo/NewsIt could be a soap opera at New York Jets camp this summer if All-Pro CB Darrelle Revis contract situation isn't resolved.

Through the years of controversy and turmoil there has been no shortage of targets for Jets fans, and media, to point fingers at.

Now there's a new one - HBO.

This became apparent on June 3, when All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, seeking a new mega-bucks contract, sat out an offseason practice for the first time.

On that particular Thursday, HBO's cameras were in Jets camp shooting promotional material for "Hard Knocks," the reality series that will chronicle Gang Green's training camp. ESPN New York.com's Rich Cimini suggested Revis' boycott was "orchestrated," linked to the presence of HBO's cameras.

Profootballtalk.com's Evan Silva (under a headline reading "Revis' holdout Hard Knocks-induced?") took it a step further, offering a few other "theories." He said Revis' agent "is using" HBO to spotlight his client's quest for a new pact. Then there was a conspiracy theory. "HBO is working with Revis to pump up its ("Hard Knocks") ratings," he wrote.

"All this stuff is really ridiculous," said HBO Sports boss Ross Greenburg. "It's really unfair to Darrelle, Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets organization. There's no great HBO drama here."

At least not yet. The soap opera could come in August, especially if this Revis thing isn't resolved. That's when NFL Films cameras (NFL Films is employed by HBO to shoot and produce "Hard Knocks") will show up at the Jets' SUNY-Cortland training camp. The "Hard Knocks" crew has experience being flies on the walls of high-profile holdout situations.

In 2008, it was Chiefs running back Larry Johnson. Last season it was Andre Smith, the Bengals' first-round draft pick. "Hard Knocks," with total access to agents and team management, chronicled both sides of each impasse.

Will Tannenbaum, who holds a Ph.D in Secrecy, allow similar access if things get sticky with Revis?

"I think he will," Greenburg said. "But you should know there were a lot of things left on the cutting room floor during that Larry Johnson negotiation. Things, between Johnson's agent and (former K.C. president/GM Carl) Peterson that were too sensitive. I think we'll get a taste of a Revis negotiation if it goes on, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Mike gets this done before training camp."

An NFL Films source said its "Hard Knocks" crew knows Jets reporters may be looking to pry some inside information out of them. "The crew is not permitted to talk to the media," the source said. "They are highly trained in keeping their mouths shut."

Yet, in the end, from a TV perspective, all this premature attention is good for business.


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"Apparently there is a real anticipation and awareness of the show," Greenburg said. "And I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth."


Guess the brainiacs at ESPN (or is it ESPN on ABC?) were holding their collective breath hoping nobody heard.

Perhaps that's why there was no on-air apology after Nate Robinson blurted out the "N" word as ABC was going to commercial after a late fourth-quarter timeout during Game 2 of the NBA Finals in L.A.

Guess the suits were not offended. At least they now know their microphones work. Maybe a seven-second delay is in order.


Stephen Strasburg was the show in D.C. Tuesday night. From the MLB Network broadcast booth, Jim Kaat put on one of his own.

Unlike the majority of baseball analysts, Kitty doesn't hide in the litter box when it comes to pitch counts. Not only did Kaat explore the subject, as it related to Strasburg, he mocked it, made fun of it, and basically called it absurd - no matter what your local Seamhead says.

Kaat was magnificent in the seventh inning, when MLBN's cams closed in on Nats manager Jim Riggleman. The look on his face could best be described as tortured.

"It's amusing and yet it's kind of sad to look down in the (Nats) dugout," Kaat said. "And the big decision here is pitches (thrown by Strasburg) and when to take him out. The guy could probably pitch nine and shut them down."

Kaat's stuff was so strong even Bob (Rapping Roberto) Costas (he was cooking Tuesday too) had no snappy reply.


Oh ye of little faith.

That was the thought watching Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network reporter Kimberly Jones on Wednesday night (Yankees-Orioles, third inning).

She was talking about Phil Hughes texting his former Yankees teammate, and now Pirates pitcher, Jeff Karstens. He pitched against Strasburg on Tuesday. We knew about the correspondence. Jones already reported it.

"I talked about that stuff on the pregame (show)," Jones said during the third.

Thanks for the reminder (duh). Guess this means the geniuses running Al Yankzeera don't believe loyal fans are glued to the pregame - or something like that.


Make book if Hanley Ramirez ever hit into a triple play against the Mets, SportsNet New York's cameras, and the watchful eye of Gary Cohen, would be all over the home plate area seeing how the Marlins shortstop (The Hustle Police's public enemy No. 1) broke from the box.

When the shoe is on a Mets foot, it apparently ain't no biggie. After Ruben Tejada smacked into a triple play Thursday night (Padres-Mets, second inning) SNY offered no isolated replay (it should've aired one in the top of the third) of Tejada breaking from the batter's box.

No one is suggesting he loafed, but if it's effort, or lack thereof, Cohen & Co. are interested in, all players should be equally scrutinized.


Was Chris (Mad Dog) Russo's mission to put Sirius/XM's listeners to sleep?

Why else would Doggie roll out the same tired shtick about hardcore U.S. sports fans having no interest in the World Cup or soccer in general? Did he lift his material directly off the bathroom wall of the now shuttered FANCave in Astoria?

Russo, however, must be credited for an inspired Thursday interview on the subject with Times sports columnist George Vecsey.

Highlight was Vecsey saying he would land in South Africa sometime after (like next week) Saturday's USA-England match.

"If this is such a huge event, why aren't you covering it from the beginning?" Russo asked.

"No comment," Vecsey answered.

Think what he meant to say is the Times is too cheap to send him for the full ride.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/2010/06/12/2010-06-12_hbo_causing_a_ruckus_over_revis.html?page=1#ixzz0qjiidURR

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This is exactly what I was afraid of when the Jets took Hard Knocks. The show is going to magnify every issue that is going on within the Jets.


These contract issues are going to be exploited by both HBO and the agents

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I'm pretty sure if revis holds out after aug 10th, he gets a year added to his existing deal

he won't



I forget what the terms of it are, but I remember that there was a significant penalty contractually for hold outs during the term of the contract.


Not sure if it is year added, or some sanction against the $15,000,000 he is to receive in the final year.


Revis, besides the love of the fans, doesn

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