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Week 1 Thoughts (Jets and the league)


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Jets - Ravens

The Jets played like garbage on offense. Chalk it up to a bad day and move on with it. The big thing to take from this game is that Mark Sanchez was not ready. Or it could be worse, that Rex Ryan wasn't ready.

I kept my mouth closed on Cromartie because I really did think he'd be solid in this system. Now I think Cromartie should get some looks at FS ala Antrell Rolle. This offseason I heard he was a physical, man corner despite that being the opposite description of him for a long while. He's a good playmaker and great in the secondary but he's just not a savvy cornerback. Kyle Wilson OTOH...this guy looks like he'll do well across from Revis.

League wide:

- The Texans are good and should be fun to watch. They're the middle game in my "please don't lose these games" stretch from Week 6-12. We get the crappy Broncos, the mediocre but dangerous Packers, the surprisingly stout Lions, the ex coach, a really good Texans team that has never beaten us, and then the Bengals.

- Man I love the NFC East. All 4 D's are huge, athletic, fast, and make for entertaining good football.

- Jay Cutler looks good in Martz's offense. Keep sleeping on those Bears.

- Angry Philip Rivers is f*ckin hilarious. Sucks they lost.

- Can't tell sh*t from week one but a bunch of bad losses by teams who coulda/shoulda won.

- I often say Ngata is the best NT in the NFL, but Vince Wilfork is 1B at worst. That guy is f*ckin scary good. Mangold is f*cking amazing for neutralizing that.

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I don't think its too soon too panic. This game justifies panic.

1. We lost our second best defensive player for the season.

2. Our second most important coach is useless and for some reason unfireable.

3. Our QB is suspect.

4. Our starting RB is suspect.

5. Our backup QBs are suspect.

6. Cromartie is overrated. In addition to being afraid of tackling he's stupid.

7. LG is a problem.

8. Kyle Wilson resembles a young Revis only in being young.

9. A serious GD pattern of weird decisions. Putting Revis on their third best WR?

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Even though he is NT-size, Haloti Ngata is not the Ravens' NT. Kelly Gregg is their NT and they drafted Cody to play there as well. Individual plays here and there in which he might line up at 0 notwithstanding, Ngata plays DE on their 3-man front or DT when they line up 4 with Suggs playing DE. The exception was when Gregg missed the season in '08.

So Mangold certainly did not spend the game neutralizing Ngata 1-on-1.

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