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I'm in awe of the NFL


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It's April and the NFL draft has dominated sports headlines pretty much. All day today has been dedicated to draft talk with only MSG pushing hockey. The Yankees HAPPEN to have the night off.

Ten years ago the NFL draft was mostly a non-event for champions on Saturday morning. Now it's on at prime time on Thursday night with the NFL working on keeping everything as suspenseful as possible.

Tonight is a big deal for the NFL. New actors will be added to the ongoing drama, and with new characters comes new storylines for our favorite male soap opera. I'm expecting some cool production, a caraaaaazy moment (involving Los Yets?), and many other minor storylines to satisfy the fans of teams in the smaller markets.

Go NFL! As usual put on the most entertaining, totally not scripted show possible!

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And the Mets had a day game. We're important too dangit.

Haha oh you.

While on the topic, I was very surprised to see that Wright is the all time RBI leader on the Mets, I figured Strawberry or Piazza would have been closer to 900, but than I forgot Piazza had a few years where he was pretty banged up.

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