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Staff almost done; April promoted to LBs


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The New York Jets filled one of two vacancies on their coaching staff, promoting quality control assistant Bobby April III to linebackers coach, the team announced Saturday. He replaced Brian VanGorder, who left after one season to become the Notre Dame defensive coordinator. 

Rex Ryan still has one opening -- special-teams coordinator. He tried to retain Ben Kotwica, but he bolted for the Washington Redskins in a lateral move. Until the spot is filled, the speculation will focus on Mike Westhoff, who retired after the 2012 season. Westhoff told ESPNNewYork.com Wednesday that he's not actively looking to return to coaching, but that he'd listen if the Jets called. No word on if they've called. 

Aside from Kotwica and VanGorder, Ryan's entire staff will return. ESPNNewYork.com reported two weeks ago that Ryan's hope was to keep the group intact, and that no one was in danger of being fired. The pieces started to fall into place once Ryan agreed to his contract extension on Thursday. Late Saturday, the team made it official, announcing the full staff. 

Here you go: 

Offense -- Marty Mornhinweg (coordinator), Anthony Lynn (assistant head coach/running backs), David Lee (quarterbacks), Mike Devlin (line), Steve Hagen (tight ends), Sanjay Lal (wide receivers), Ron Heller (assistant line). 

Defense -- Dennis Thurman (coordinator), Bobby April III (linebackers), Karl Dunbar (line), Tim McDonald (secondary), Brian Smith (assistant secondary), Jeff Weeks (assistant line/linebackers), 

Special teams -- Louie Aguiar (assistant) 

Strength & Conditioning — Justus Galac, Pierre Ngo (assistant), Paul Ricci (assistant).

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if they jets haven't called westhoff already, they are not going to


I thought the teams were slipping under his last 2 seasons anyway

Maybe ST is where Idzik begins bringing in the Seattle contingent. Maybe there's a young up and comer on staff who he tags as the ST coordinator

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good thought, it can't be that hard a spot to fill

makes sense BUT, both assistant Seahwak ST coaches are REAL b=newbies who basiclaly havent been ST guys on a lower level..






If Westhoff doesnt come back, this guy, Kaczor, is a maybe. He will be fired I assume since Whisehunt always brings ST guy Kevin Spencer with him..I assume Spencer will leave SD to join Whizzy in Tenn.



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Glad we retained our d b coach maybe a full off season and training camp will turn our secondary around they have to have drills that improves our ballhawk ball awareness techniques please we turn that around we playoff contender and on offense our screen game will be big and work with ivory to keyshawn lol truly. Hope we go to a 4 3

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