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Hypotheitcal trade (not jets related)


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Was thinking about Phillys situation. Foles picked up a team that wasn't going to make the playoffs with Wentz at the helm. Not a knock on Wentz as his upside is still crazy high. Foles can obviously play at an extremely high level. And they are only 3 years apart in age. We are talking about a 29 year old QB in Foles who just won a SB and now picked up a team that was about to miss out on the playoffs. On top of it, his numbers are crazy. It's not like the defense or running game is carrying him.

Anyhow, should Philly be calling the Raiders in the off-season? Raiders are going to cut Carr and they also have 5 number 1 picks the next 2 years. 3 in 2019 and 2 in 2020.

Would you trade Wentz to the Raiders for there 3 #1's next year? Sign Foles to a 3-4 year deal and get 3 first rounders. Could have 4 first round picks next year. Or ask for 2 this year and 1 in 2020.

Just curious what every thinks.

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