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Great Blue North's Updated Mock

Green Jets & Ham

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Obviously two OT's in Rounds 1 & 2 is a case of massive overkill

If we can land Marcus McNeill or something close in RD 2, and that's the assessment of the Jets front office, IMO it makes far more sense to pass on Brick Ferguson in RD 1 and consider Jay Cutler, Haloti Ngata, LenDale White, or even DeAngelo Williams if that's your preference ... but we really need a RT more than a LT, so IMO it makes sense to pass on Brick in RD 1 and draft the best available RT in RD 2 ... along with Adrian Jones, that should be fine

Anyhow, if the board fell this way, my selections would read as follows

RD 1. QB Jay Cutler

RD 2. OT Marcus McNeill

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Vernon Davis is going to last until round 3? Okey dokey - we'll trade up 10 spaces with our 3rd round pick & take him.

I'd also be pretty surprised if Jonathan Scott goes 5 picks from round 3 (and is the 7th OT taken)?

Davis goes 11th Overall ... I just posted it incorrectly

I deleted the mock ... check the link for the correct version, SE

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