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Today's stinker puts the Jets at 0-3 for the third straight season.  A first in their storied history.

the Jets have scored a total of three points in the first half through three games, the fewest through three games in the last 20 seasons of any team in the NFL.

Tied for the fewest first half points through three games in franchise history (1973)

The Jets' total of 20 points makes them the lowest scoring team in the NFL.

I am reminded of the movie, "Mutiny on the Bounty," with Charles Laughton as Captain Bligh.  He orders that a man be flogged and receive 100 lashes. After about 80 lashes, the flogger stops.  Captain Bligh asks him why he stopped whipping and he is advised that the man is dead.  Captain Bligh orders him  to continue until he's finished administering the 100 lashes.

The Johnson's are Captain Bligh and Jet fans are the dead man who's still being flogged.

It was inconceivable to me that this year's team could actually be worse than last year's.  

I would say that we have finally hit rock bottom but I've learned as a Jet fan that there is no bottom.



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2 minutes ago, TMAC said:

The Jets' total of 20 points makes them the lowest scoring team in the NFL.

Hey now, the Bills are 17.5 point favorites over the Texans next week which, if that was a game against the Jets season point total would be a Jets win! So things are going well. 

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