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NY Jets - Apollo 13


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After watching today's game, I thought of the Movie "Apollo 13"

After the O2 tank explodes and we get the immoral "Houston, we've had a problem" quote, all the ground control people star calling out all the malfunctions they are seeing in their telemetry.  There are so many things that have gone wrong on the spacecraft, the Gene Kranz character asks...

"What have we got on the spacecraft that's good?"

And so... I ask the same of the Jets.  What have we got that's good ??? Anything ???

What I see:

1. Injuries everywhere including the new QB

2. Horrible offensive line unit.  Zero push up front.  Bad pas blocking.  Missed assignments.

3, Poorly performing pass catchers.  

4. Second string ball carriers

5. Subpar TE

6. Little production from defensive line

7. LB's often overwhelmed.

8. A swarm of DB's that don't impeded any teams passing game

9. An OC that would be in over his head on a DIV III college program.

So what's good ??? The kicker ??? Special teams is not a complete disgrace ??? Not too many procedural penalties ???

What else ????


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