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Another mock to discuss (3 round)


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Walker @ 4 is scary, but I could live with it if the rest played out this way. Can always get a RB, S and other need in rounds 4 & 5


NY Jets

(1.4) EDGE Travon Walker (Georgia)

(1.10) WR Garrett Wilson (Ohio State)

(2.35) OT Bernhard Raimann (Central Michigan)

(2.38) CB Andrew Booth Jr. (Clemson)

(3.69) iDL Phidarian Mathis (Alabama)

Walker flew into the draft process a little under the radar because Georgia’s defensive front has been so stacked the past few years that he had to play out of position sometimes and couldn’t be on the field as much as he would have been on most other P5 programs. But he locked himself into the top-10 with his athletic testing and very well may be headed for the top-5. Walker’s 4.51 forty was third-best in the EDGE class. Check out his closest athletic comps in the RAS system: Myles Garrett, Jevon Kearse, Ezekiel Ansah, Shawne Merriman. What?! After that, at 1.10, the Jets appear primed to break the seal on the class’ receivers – do they prefer one of the Ohio State kids, or Drake London? I’m siding with Wilson for now.

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Linebacker is absolutely on the radar for the Jets.  I just don't how or where they'll make it happen but I'd guess Round 2.

There are just so many reasons... Wanting to move on from CJ Mosley in 2023, Saleh wanting his "next Fred Warner," the fact that while some young LBs are promising none of them look like true, above average starters (I'm talking about Quincy Williams who is a great effort guy, Sherwood and Nasirildeen who are mid/late round projections from playing Safety).

LB at the top of Round 2 just looks like a slam dunk to me.  That's kind of the sweet spot.  Should have a choice of at least one of Christian Harris, Muma, Quay Walker, etc.  Maybe more than one of them are still there.  I have no idea and I don't know enough about them to have a high conviction about who the best fit is, but all three are really, really interesting.

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