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The "Don't Trade Up Thread", NO is bluffing

lawngnome o-line

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No team except for SF can give NO what they want to do the trade. SF has as much need to fill multiple spots on their roster, and they have 2 very good picks to do this. Do I think they will trade up, no.

That leaves us. And NO knows that we want Bush. We know they want Brick, but now all of a sudden, he doesn't have the same value, since Bush is on the board.

The Saints are going to hold out until we give in. You know what this means. HOLD OUT. Don't give in to them. Until there is 10 seconds left on the clock for the Saints, they have the power to do what they want. But if we take their power away and decide that we aren't going to give in them, they are going to be out of time on the clock, and stuck with making the decision between the player they want---Brick, or the player that's the best on the board---Bush. I say that they won't take Bush just to block the Jets from getting him.

Don't trade up, if he falls to the 4th spot, amazing. If he doesn't, we are in the same situation we were before...with Brick on the board and with Leinart or Young possible. But if that happens, you take Brick.

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