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Wanted: 2 Giants Preseason Tickets

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I have 2, but need 2 more.

Really, I am looking for a handout. Someone who just isn't going to the game and doesn't give a rats ass so is willing to give them to me.

I know, strange concept, but I am going to try.

Tons of Karma and I might get Max to give you a backrub.

PM me or drop a note here.



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Wanted: Free Money.

I realize you can keep your money but if you have too much of it I am willing to take it. I will provide a good home for your money. And if you subscribe to the trickle down ecomonics theory then you will be helping the economy.

Your money will go to me. In turn I will buy lap dances with the money. The stripper will use that money to make the payment on her Ford Mustang. That is an American car.

It makes sense to give me your money. Think about it. Oh and I am also willing to take free tickets as well.

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