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Hank Poteat: The New England Jet / New York Patriot

Exit 117

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We re-signed Poteat? Sweet.

Should've kept him for the New England game Week 2 ala the Belichick style.

I like the signing and I was hoping he was going to make the final roster after his playing the entire game against the Eagles and here's why:

We need some veteran leadership and expierence in that secondary. David Barrett is the most seasoned player back there and he's not a starting calibear corner, he's best suited as a Nickelback, or perhaps that Justin Miller. We basically have a 1 in Dyson with 2 3's and Drew Coleman whose a rookie and shouldn't be any higher than 4th. With the signing of Poteat, he will take over as the #4 corner (hopefully) and should fill in for Barrett or whomever in the top 3 gets hurt.

Also, can't be too bad if he has some of the NE plays for the Nov.12th game, right?;)

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Im sure if he was at least semi-talented the pats would have kept him the first, second or third time they had him

The Pats cut him to make room for a much more needed position on their team (WR -- they signed Jabar Gaffney) and they have good young depth at corner already.

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