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I got sneeched by greengal!


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Come on.. don't be a kill joy. I'm trying to get a good thread going here..

and guys love the lesbian angle! icon10.gif

speaking of lesbians and angles... some interesting positions!

should i elaborate???? :P

how is that, V?

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Holy crap.

Verde, Garb, gg, Bren, 128, JFBM, Mrs.13 and JonEJet as a lesbian cheerleading squad?:eek:

Max, if you pull that off, you can charge 10 times the $55.00 monthly premium.


That would be the most f'd up cheerleading squad on Earth!

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Nah.....I'm kind of holding out to be a Flag Girl. :P

you're going to have to submit a picture for the crew here Garb and we'll SEE if you pass the mustard-since Max is going to be (as a public service to the board) posting pictures of the Flag Girls MONDAY RIGHT MAX????

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