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I posted this on TGG, but wantedto see the thoughts of JN.

Going into Cleveland, the Jets are being criticised for their defense...and rightfully so.

But, in case you have not noticed, the Cleveland rush D is ranked lower than the Jets. They are allowing 144 yards/game and 4.6 yards/carry.

Their pass D is ranked 10, but now they are without their best CB.

And one HUGE stat that is great for the Jets....

The Turnover margin. Cleveland is -10! Second worse only to Oakland.

The Jets are +2, tied for 11 in the NFL.

If the Jets can force some turnovers like they did in Buffalo, this game could be a blowout.

Not that I think it will be, but I would not be suprised if it is.

Cleveland is also ranked dead last in total offense. the Jets are 19.

Bigger yet, Cleveland is 31st in rushing...Our defensive weakness.

The Jets are 13 in rushing O.

Just some food for thought.

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