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Some Doug Jolly College Info... 2002 Also a Long Snapper!!


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Tight End/Long Snapper

Brigham Young University Cougars


St. George, Utah

Physical receiver who blocks well and neutralizes linebackers...Very tough runner after the catch...Slides well laterally and has good acceleration across the middle...Shows the speed to turn and race downfield after the catch...Shows excellent hand quickness and snap release for punts and field goals

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I read pretty much the same info last night in my copy of the Sporting News 2002 NFL Draft edition.

I noted how much higher some of the tight ends are(Stevens, Graham) and how much better McMichael performed.

Also in that draft, which I think is the "Great DB Draft", Tank Williams was listed around 10th or 11th in Safeties, and Michael Lewis around 7th. Guys like Pig Prather and Bobby Jackson were ranked higher.

I also noted how high they ranked Brown(had him around 4th), yet Mike Rumph was drafted in round one, ahead of Sheldon Brown.

It's interesting to go back and read the profiles on these guys and see how they've progressed or regressed.

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