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Why not?

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This is for all the Patriot fans come week 1 baby!... ---->Jets:Nuts:Patriots<----

This is for the Patriot fans AFTER the game come week 1....:bag:

This is for the Patriot fans who run away and hide after the game... :banned: By us Jet fans.

This is for T.Brady supporters...:baby:... Like Quarterback... Like fans.

This is what PatsfanTX is doing right now....:Typotux:

Since I live in FL and cant go to the games... When the Jets beat the Pats I will be... :character42: the game.

Chad pennington is about to...:character0293: into an all pro QB... (Transform)

And if anyone has a problem with it... We can get it on! :box: But im not talking the Brady way of getting it on, im talking about the tyson way.

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