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Nets fans: Here's your guy


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Lucas Tischer, 6'10", 270 PF. A banger, extremely athletic but offensivley raw. A dude who can run, jump and bang is exactly what the Nets need next season. If they don't get it, they won't compete. Tischer was just in for a workout with the Nets and Ed Stefanski said :

Brazilian forward Lucas Tischer [was] "one of the best leapers we've ever seen in this gym."

Consider that that "gym" has seen Kenyon Martin, Richard Jefferson, and Vince Carter in it, and you get an idea of what Stefanski is talking about. The Nets have enough guys who can put the ball in the basket (though they still need a shooter), and front court size and toughness is crucial for the Nets. Forget the fact that Tischer doesn't score the rock, because JKidd will get him 3-4 dunks per game anyway. Look at what he did for KMart's offense in the same role. KMart in Denver was exposed offensively after leaving Kidd behind.

Check out the Tischer bio on this great website:


This is an excellent NBA prospect website, especially in its coverage of international players.

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