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From Footballoutsiders.com re Clemens


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. Compiled by FootballDiehards Editor Bob Harris Bob Harris | Posted Sunday October 28, 2007 @ 00:29 PT

According to FootballOutsiders.com writer Michael David Smith, Eric Mangini didn't give Chad Pennington a vote of confidence in granting him another shot to keep his starting job. He gave Kellen Clemens a vote of no confidence.

In explaining his decision, Mangini cited Pennington's understanding of the Jets' offense and praised his ability to change plays at the line of scrimmage.

But as Smith explained, the decision was just as much about Clemens as Pennington.

It's now been 18 months since the Jets spent a second-round draft pick on Clemens, and he still can't get on the field unless Pennington gets hurt, even though the team is 1 - 6. If Clemens had shown as much promise so far in his tenure with the Jets as the team thought he had when it drafted him, Smith believes he'd be playing by now.

The one chance Clemens got, when Pennington had to miss the Week 2 game against the Baltimore Ravens with an ankle injury, he played about the way you'd expect a young quarterback to play. As Smith suggested, Clemens often looked hesitant and confused, especially when the Ravens blitzed him.

But he also showed that he can do some things Pennington can't.

Clemens has a much better arm than Pennington, and in the fourth quarter, as the Jets attempted to come from behind, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer finally allowed Clemens to air it out. When he did, he showed the promise the Jets saw when they drafted him.

Mangini's refusal to give Clemens the chance to fulfill that promise indicates that he's in denial about what kind of team he has.

After the Bills game Sunday, the Jets' season will be half over. They play the Redskins the following week and then have their bye. That week off, which would give Clemens extra time to prepare with the first-string offense, now seems like the most likely time for the Jets to make the quarterback switch.

That would give the Jets the final seven games of the season to see what kind of quarterback Clemens is.

And as Smith further explained, replacing Pennington with Clemens is a move Mangini has to be sure about, because it's a move he can't go back on. Once he's declared Clemens his starter, Pennington is effectively finished as a Jet.

As noted in the previous update, Pennington has four more seasons on his contract, he seems unlikely to stick around as Clemens's backup. Like most NFL contracts, Pennington's is a deal that the Jets can get out of without too much trouble if they choose to trade or release him after this season.

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Mangini's refusal to give Clemens the chance to fulfill that promise indicates that he's in denial about what kind of team he has.

I thought all the experts said that Clemens was the best QB "from the neck up" coming out that year. Now, he isnt smart enough to change the plays at the los?

Considering tangina's track record on judging football talent, they are probably wrong about Clemens' mental abilities, too. I'm sure he can call a sideline fade to Coles just as easiliy as CP can.

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