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Randy Moss reverted back to his Oakland days..


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Especially on that 3rd and 20 play.

Slow-mo replay showed he didn't even make an attempt to snatch it up there. He had a chance to smurf the secondary covering him and he half-assed it (like usual) and came up with nothing.

Different ball game if he catches that ball at the 20..we're probably looking at OT.

Thanks Randy..a one-time favorite of mine just gained some more points!

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Jaws: Moss took plays off

By Karen Guregian / Patriots Notebook

Thursday, November 29, 2007

FOXBORO - ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski saw something in the Patriots [team stats]-Eagles game film that was troubling beyond what Philadelphia did in coverage to shut down Randy Moss on Sunday night.

During a conference call with reporters yesterday, Jaworski, who will be in the booth for Monday night

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That was his chance IMO and he blew it. I doubt he'll even bother staying with the Pats after he gets offered some serious money elsewhere. We'll see though.

that's the kind of catch that would've assured his HOF status imho. could he have caught it? maybe, maybe not but he definitely let an opportunity slip by without even trying.

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